Wire pilot


Remove wires and other linear objects from photos


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Usually, when you take photographs, you don't care about interferences like lampposts or pipes which make your photos to be wore than you imagined.

Normally, you should avoid interferences, be aware of lampposts, trees, pipes, and other vertical objects that may appear out the top of a subject head or in the middle of a building. If you see them when taking the photo, you should take a few steps n either direction, change your angle or reposition the subject entirely, but if you have already taken the photo, you can't do that, Then, you can only use Wire Pilot and retouch your photo.

At first, it was designed to erase wires but nowadays you can use it to remove any linear objects. It's extremely easy to use because it does it all automatically. You only have to place the cursor on the line you want to remove, then, using the mouse wheel or cursor keys set the cursor size and position on the line you are about to remove so that the background color within the cursor circle matches the one of the object as much as possible and finally remove the line.

Don't hesitate, if you need to eliminate wires from any photo, use Wire Pilot and save a lot of time and headaches.

The trial version save the image in .tpi format

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